talkinginbed asked: doing wings movement by movement just on one foot at a time can help... like stand at a barre and do brush out brush in toe etc and make sure you get your sounds in doing that and then once you feel confident on one foot try the other and then eventually you'll be set! That's how I learned/teach anyway haha :):)

Thanks!! This is also really helpful :) 


pas-de-chat-saute-de-chat asked: do you have any tips for wings? i have three weeks to learn them for a concert and im freaking out :|


This is probably weird and silly, but when I do wings, I really focus on the balls of my feet hitting the floor and I try to make/control the movement with my inner thigh muscles. What also seems to help me (and this may be wrong idk) is sort of doing the wing out to the front just slightly rather than having my feet go directly out to the sides. 

Does that help at all? I’m really sorry if that doesn’t make any sense. 

Can anyone else offer some wing expertise?



talkinginbed asked: for toe stands, you have to use your upper body and sometimes it's easier to get into them if you use some momentum, like jumping into it. You can also just try standing on your toes using a barre and then letting go of it!

This is quality advice. 


colourmeratchet asked: Hello :) i was wondering if anyone could gove me tips on toe stands! I have capezio tappers with a split sole but i still struggle to do it! Please help cause this years exam there are so many of them! Thanks x

Toe stands actually aren’t my forte, but I’m sure someone else out there will be able to help you out!!