Anonymous said: What tap shoes are the best tap shoes?


There are a lot of different opinions here haha I don’t think one tap shoe is really the “best tap shoe” but  Miller and Ben tap shoes tend to be pretty popular as well as k360s. But I just stick to simple bloch tap shoes. It’s all about preference really.



ladyjohndorian said: This is a few days late, but full sole tap shoes are DEFINITELY the way to go. My studio always frowned upon split soles because the sound quality just wasn't as good. I have capezio k360s w/ the savior buildup by since they're expensive, I'd go with either the capezio xtreme taps or whatever classic oxford build up shoe they have. Also. Capezio has a much better sound quality than Bloch shoes do-I've used both!!

Yeahhh team Capezio for life! Thanks! :) 


halo4nothing said: let's end this debate about everyone just wear whatever taps they like best and have fun. there. problem solved. lol ;) i wear both and love both because i can tap in both. hope you have a great day and weekend!!

Haha, I like this response! Thank you :)